Meine Dekos für ein gemütliches Wohnen

Although I grew up in Thailand, I now prefer winter to summer. Somehow, I can no longer tolerate the mega heat that is now available in Germany as well. In addition, you can make your home really nice and cozy when it is cold and uncomfortable outside.


What do I need for comfortable living?



cozy living

cozy living

Light is of course a big topic in the cold season, also because it gets dark much faster. Candles are pretty important to me because I don't like the big lights. The warm and pleasant light from the candles is simply beautiful. And if they also have a subtle scent, it's even nicer. I prefer to decorate the candles with natural materials, flowers or plants. I just like it better when there is something alive. 

Fairy lights

cozy living

cozy living

Honestly, I really don't know anyone who doesn't have fairy lights. For me, they are also part of winter. But I don't have many, this one here, one for the Christmas tree, and another that's somehow lost. Maybe she'll show up again, but hopefully not in the summer! 

Comfortable sofa 

cozy living

Best with lots of pillows and fluffy blankets. We spend a lot of time on the sofa, especially in the evening. And comfort is essential. We have had the Ektorp for years and it is really comfortable, which is why we keep postponing the purchase of a new sofa. Maybe we will soon find one that looks better to us and is just as comfortable ... 


cozy living

I definitely don't want to do without wool in winter. I love cardigans, sweaters, rugs, knitting and crochet. And all of this is only possible with wool. That's why it (for me) is clearly one of the things that make a home much more comfortable in the cold season. 

But do you know what? Ultimately, it depends on the people you spend time with. You don't really need much to be happy when you have the right people at your side. Other material things are just "nice to have". 

Have a nice and cozy time. 

See you soon, 

Pau ♥