(Anzeige) Wohnzimmer einrichten mit OTTO Home & Living

Living room design is generally a difficult topic for us. Due to the many windows and the large passage to the dining room, I lack walls to freely design the room. So far, it has not really suited me to make the room nice and cozy. With the kind support of OTTO , I've redesigned our living room a bit in the past few weeks and you can see the end result today. We started with the wall behind the sofa, it was given a new coat of paint. This time we decided on a warm shade of gray. In addition to the new wall color, there was also new furniture and home accessories, which I will also show you in more detail. I also tell you what I pay special attention to when furnishing the living room so that it gets a Scandinavian atmosphere. 


Furnishing living rooms with OTTO - Scandinavian living is that easy

Furnish living room with Otto

First of all I want to show you our new Nino pendant lamp  . The model is actually called "Ducky", but we only call it "Fluffy". The girls baptized it so because the lamp looks so soft and fluffy. Since they are not entirely wrong, I think ... Due to the white feathers, the pendant lamp looks very delicate and feminine, so I could also imagine it in a girl's room or bedroom. Due to its impressive size (diameter 40 cm) it also stands out in a large room. 

I really like the color combination between black, white and gray. These colors are neutral, calm and indispensable in the Scandinavian style of furnishing. So that it does not get too boring, you can set great color accents with decorative items, home accessories and flowers. 


Furnish living room with Otto

Furnish living room with Otto

Another highlight in the living room is the  INOSIGN big armchair loveseat. Such a nice armchair in the trendy Scandinavian style has been on my wish list for a long time, which is why the joy was huge when it finally moved in with us. The armchair looks really great and its simple design makes it very easy to combine with other furniture. He also has a wave suspension, which speaks for the seating comfort and stability. The armchair offers enough space for two and this special option is also used regularly. In short, the big armchair is loved by all of us! 

When it came to choosing different colors, I had a hard time at first because I liked a lot of the available colors and couldn't decide right away. Ultimately, I decided on a natural color cream because it is easier to combine with other colors. There are also two different materials to choose from - luxury microfiber »snug« (100% polyester) and fluffy structure »tender« (94% polyester 6% acrylic).


Furnish living room with Otto

There are things in the interior that should not be underestimated. A suitable carpet, for example, can give the room more comfort and expression. I chose the large Debora carpet for our living room  . The woven carpet is particularly striking due to its large diamond pattern (I'm a big fan of patterns / pattern mix anyway), it is also very easy to care for and durable, which is an advantage if you have (small) children. You also don't see every crumb lying on the carpet. We often nibble on the sofa, so a dirt-repellent carpet is a really great thing.

Now I would be very interested in how you can find our remodeled living room and which product you like best. I would really appreciate your feedback! 

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To you very soon,

Pau ♡

Many thanks to OTTO for the wonderful cooperation.