Geschenkpapier gestalten

Do you sometimes feel that when a gift has to be packaged but you can't find a nice one or none at all? So it often happens to me, with us things disappear without a trace and no one may have been. That's why I always have a roll of wrapping paper at home for emergencies, which I can embellish quickly if the wrapping paper is once again untraceable. 


Design wrapping paper: 

  • Wrapping paper
  • stamp
  • possibly. other decorations

Instructions for this are actually unnecessary, since you can just start stamping them as you want. 

Design wrapping paper

I love points, that's why they shouldn't be missing here. 

Design wrapping paper

Next time, however, I will take smaller points. 

Design wrapping paper

Design wrapping paper

An individual wrapping paper is created with very little effort. It is also possible to simply paint beautiful patterns on the wrapping paper with an edding if you do not have a stamp on hand. 

After the cotton cord arrived yesterday, I'm going to go through the instructions for the coaster today. The guide should go online this weekend if everything goes according to plan. That's why there is now only a very short hello from me. 

Hope you enjoyed it anyway. 

Have a nice day and see you soon 

Pau ♥