Schmuck aus Holzperlen basteln


Hello my dears,

many of you will surely enjoy the last beautiful and sunny days before the unpleasant autumn comes. I might make myself a little unpopular, but I'm really looking forward to autumn. The beautiful  colors in earth tones and the mild temperatures are just my thing. The rain doesn't have to be, but you can't have it all, can you? 


This love for autumn probably also comes from the fact that Thailand is either very hot or it rains a lot. When I first saw how beautifully the leaves change color in autumn, I knew that it would be my favorite season. And that's how it turned out.

And in time for the beginning of autumn I will start a quick DIY series. That means that every Thursday there is a contribution with a DIY project that does not last longer than half an hour.

This DIY series should give you a few ideas of what you can conjure up quickly if you are spontaneously invited somewhere and do not have a suitable gift at hand. I will make sure that there are no fancy materials that almost no one has at home. The projects will also be simple. 

Make jewelry out of wooden beads

For a long time I didn't know what was to become of the wooden beads that were left over from the last time . Somehow I wanted to make chains with it, but not just with wooden balls. Then I got the idea to combine wood and copper.  

The copper tubes are from my broken bracelet, but I am sure that you can get them in a craft store.

By the way, the leather straps are 100 cm long.


to make jewelry out of wooden beads

This is very simple, just thread it on and close it. I like it because it is not so intrusive but interesting.


to make jewelry out of wooden beads

In the second chain, the wooden bead was first threaded.

to make jewelry out of wooden beads

Pull the second pearl through the two bands. 

to make jewelry out of wooden beads

to make jewelry out of wooden beads

And another pearl in the same color.  Close it and you're done.


to make jewelry out of wooden beads

In the last chain, the things were just threaded and locked.

As you can see above, I made a bracelet from the pearls. Simply take an elastic band and thread it.


to make jewelry out of wooden beads

Since I still had wooden beads left, there was spontaneously a pendant. Instructions on how to make tassels can be found here .

I will keep one chain to myself, the others may make two dear people happy. The bracelet has also found a new owner.

Crafts can be so easy and beautiful ...

Have a  nice day and see you soon

Pau ♥