DIY Untersetzer aus Ton selber machen

Today there is a short and crisp DIY guide because here the summer flu has broken out to the fullest. Being sick is stupid enough, but being sick in summer is so much more. Luckily I finished the coasters when I was still fine. As if I had guessed ... Whining enough, now it goes to the instructions for the DIY coasters made of clay. 

Make DIY coasters out of clay yourself


air-hardening modeling clay *

Rolling pin



Clear coat

That's how it works:

DIY clay coasters

  1. Take about 80 g of the modeling clay and form it into a ball, which you then roll out into a circle. 
  2. Now the circles have to be brought to the correct size. For this, you take any coaster as a template and then cut it out with a knife.
  3. The coasters have to dry for approx. 1-2 days. Of course, the weather is a bit important here, I have the feeling that the clay dries a little faster when it is warm and dry outside. And don't forget to turn around so that it gets evenly dry on both sides. 
  4. Now the coasters can be painted. I used a white acrylic paint as the base color. 
  5. - 6. And then you can just paint as you please. 

DIY clay coasters

There had to be a break in between, especially when the color of the ice cream matches the painted coasters perfectly. 

DIY clay coasters

As a small highlight, the edges were painted in copper. This step is optional. Sealing the coasters would definitely be recommended, as they will also come into contact with liquid. And that's easy with a clear coat. I prefer to use a spray paint because the acrylic paints cannot be smeared like this. 

DIY clay coasters

DIY clay coasters

So now the coasters would be ready for use either on the table or to be given away. I think that you can always give away things you have made yourself because they are always something special and not everyone has such coasters, right?

You can find even more craft ideas with the air-hardening modeling clay here and here

I hope you liked the instructions and hope you enjoy copying them.

Have a nice day and see you soon

Pau ♡

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