Anzeige – DIY Halskette mit Silverbell

I'm pretty sure that many of you know Instagram. Maybe you even like to use this social media platform regularly - like me. Why? Because on my account I can share all the things I like and do with like-minded people. Fortunately, I met a lot of lovely girls on Instagram, without them the whole thing would certainly be half as much fun. But I am well aware that the platform is not for everyone and that is perfectly fine. For me, Instagram is not just an app on my phone, but a great source of inspiration that inspires me every day. And of course I also hope that I can give you this DIY necklace with silverbellcan inspire a little. Even if the followers remind you a lot of Instagram, you don't have to be a fan of the platform to find them great. 


DIY necklace with silverbell - polymer clay pendant

What you need: 

  • Anchor chain 
  • Polymer clay in red, black and white
  • 3 carabiners with eyelets
  • Two-component adhesive or super glue
  • Black permanent marker
  • Baking paper and oven
  • Pliers, toothpicks or reamer 
  • Cutter or a sharp knife

DIY necklace with silverbell

That's how it works: 

  1. First you have to thinly roll out a piece of polymer clay in the desired color. You can make the heart pendant either with a cookie cutter, which is of course also the simpler variant. Or you create a heart template from paper, place it on the polymer clay and carefully cut out the heart with a cutter. 
  2. Use a toothpick or reamer to cut out the hole for hanging. Another little tip: The polymer clay stains a little, so I recommend you to clean your hands and the working material before you continue with the other color.
  3. For the pound sign you have to cut out 4 thin sticks of black polymer clay. With a chopstick you pierce a hole again. 
  4. You then make the camera out of the white polymer clay. Round off the corners a little and here too a hole has to be punched out. 

The polymer clay parts then go into the oven to harden. Here you absolutely have to pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions and under no circumstances switch the temperature higher than specified, in the worst case the parts burn and toxic gases can arise. 

DIY necklace with silverbell

When the parts are baked and have cooled completely, continue as follows: 

  1. Glue the four parts together for the hash sign. The manufacturer recommends the two-component adhesive for gluing polymer clay, but the superglue does the same here. 
  2. Trace the characteristics of a camera with the black permanent maker. 
  3. Attach carabiner fasteners.
  4. To make the pendants shine beautifully, I painted them with a clear water-based varnish. But there is also a special polymer clay varnish. I didn't paint the camera trailer because of the permanent marker. As soon as the paint is completely dry, you can attach the pendant to the chain. 

DIY necklace with silverbell

How the idea for this DIY came about

The DIY idea came to my mind when I scrolled through my Instagram feed. I thought the idea was so great, I would have loved to get started immediately. Maybe you know this feeling when you have an idea in your head and want to implement it right away. This project could not be realized that quickly because I had to work out the work steps more precisely and get a suitable chain. Of course I was really happy to have found the Silverbell anchor chain in real 925 silver , because it is exactly the right thing for my project. It is very beautiful and of high quality. You could also wear the chain alone without a pendant.

DIY necklace with silverbell

DIY necklace with silverbell

DIY necklace with silverbell

Schaut euch ruhig mal im Silverbell Online-Shop um, vor allem wenn ihr gerne Schmuck selber macht. Dort gibt es ganz viel Auswahl an Schmuckzubehör wie Silberketten, echt Stein, verschiedene Verschlüsse usw. Ich muss nachher auch nochmal vorbeischauen, denn das Armband steplessly adjustable hat es mir total angetan… 

Jetzt würde es mich sehr interessieren, ob ihr gleich an Instagram denken musstet, als ihr die Anhänger gesehen habt… Hinterlasst mir gerne einen Kommentar dazu. 

Bis ganz bald,

Pau ♡