Upcycling: DIY Vase aus Holz selber machen

Hello my dears,

today there is again a super simple crafting guide for you. Some of you probably know that I am a big fan of simple DIY projects and simple decorations. That is why these DIY wooden vases are one of my favorites. You can easily imitate the wooden vases, you also need very little material. What is also nice about this vase is that an old glass can be reused. Upcycling is really a great thing and whenever I can, I try to make old things great. Is upcycling also an issue for you? 


Make DIY vase from wood yourself

Make DIY wooden vase yourself 11

What you need: 

An old glass such as a spread

Wooden sticks (mine are about 8 cm long and cost 1.50 euros.)

All-purpose glue or hot glue

That's how it works:

  • First you have to clean the glass and remove the sticker. 
  • Then you apply the glue to the wooden sticks. And then you can put the wooden sticks on the glass and press them down. 
  • If you want to use a tall glass, just add a second row of wooden sticks. 

Tip: You have to work a bit quickly if you use the hot glue. If it cools down too quickly, it loses its adhesive power. 

Make DIY vase from wood yourself

I made two vases with the wooden sticks. One of them is also used as a tealight holder. However, I would recommend you not to touch the tealight holder when the candle is burning and you have used the hot glue. The hot glue becomes liquid again when the temperature rises, this means that the wooden sticks can be moved again and you normally don't want that. It is certainly not a bad idea to make small corrections. 

Make DIY vase from wood yourself

Make DIY vase from wood yourself

Make DIY vase from wood yourself

With the beautiful flowers it looks really spring-like. Now that winter has returned, this decoration gives me great pleasure. 

Now you know for sure why this DIY belongs to my loved ones. It's wonderfully simple and the result is just great! If you don't have enough of your own vases, you can find the instructions for an upcycling vase here and here you can find a vase made of modeling clay

I hope that you like the small wooden vases as much as I do and would be delighted if you would also share the instructions. 

To you very soon, 

Pau ♡