DIY mit Paletten – 3 einfache Bastelideen

Today I have a great contribution for you again, which is also my taste, because the DIY projects are very easy to implement. The idea for these handicraft instructions came about when I spontaneously made a wooden sign for the wall in the living room. The wooden board used for this came from a pallet. I then came up with two more DIY ideas when I was doing it myself.

DIY with pallets  

Project No. 1 - wooden sign with lettering

DIY with pallets

As I mentioned earlier, it all started with this sign. Maybe you already know this wire lettering, if not you can read the detailed instructions here . The black lettering on the gray wall looked a bit cool and lost, so a wooden board had to be used as a base. 


Pallet wood

Lettering made of wire

Little nails

Jute cord

That's how it works:

  • First the wooden board was cut to the desired dimensions and sanded a little. 
  • Fasten the jute cord loops on the left and right with the hand tacker. 
  • Do not hammer the nails all the way into the wood so that the lettering can still hang on it. 

DIY with pallets

Project No. 2 - serving tray

DIY with pallets

This project is really super easy. You need 3 wooden boards of the same size, a slightly smaller board made of MDF, hammer and nails. 

DIY with pallets

Join the boards together using nails and a hammer. Make sure that the nails are evenly distributed. 

Project No. 3 - candle holder 

DIY with pallets

Such DIY candle holders are actually no longer world novelties. Mostly they are made of driftwood, but you can also make the candle holder with a wooden board from a pallet. 

DIY with pallets

With a wood drill, you make holes with the same diameter from your candles. At the end you can sand the wooden board smooth. That was it. The holes are slightly offset for me, you can also drill them in a line. Just make sure that they are not too close together because of the burning candles later. In the picture you can see the thin candles for the Christmas tree, they were cheap to buy at DM. 

DIY with pallets

There are certainly more things you can do with a palette. These 3 projects of mine can be copied without much effort and material. What I forgot to mention - of course you need a suitable saw for all 3 projects. 

DIY with pallets

I very much hope that there will be something for you from the 3 craft ideas. And now there is a nice graphic for the Pinterest users among you.  

DIY with pallets 14

To you very soon, 

Pau ♡