DIY Couchtisch selber bauen

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Our coffee table gets by far the most compliments from you. And again and again questions come from where we bought it etc. It was not bought but built by ourselves and it was much easier than you think. Last year I already wrote a post about the table, only there were no pictures of the building instructions at the time. Since the wooden plate needed a new sanding and the legs needed a new coat of paint, photos were taken immediately.


We decided very quickly for the so-called hairpin legsdecided because we liked them straight away. They are not so bulky, but still very stable. There are those with 2 bars like ours and those with 3 bars, these are of course more stable and are suitable for dining tables etc. For our coffee table those with 2 bars are enough. I found the Haipin Legs pretty quickly on the Internet. The problem was rather to get the right tabletop. We didn't really like those in the hardware stores, so we had to wait a long time for the wooden board. Mike found her at our friend's house, he works a lot with wood and we were just lucky that he had it in the yard. When the ordered table legs arrived, we were finally able to get started. 

Build DIY coffee table yourself


Table top made of wood

4 hairpin legs 2 rods height 30 cm  *



Wood stain in white

Clear coat



That's how it works:

Build DIY coffee table yourself

  • First, our wooden plate was cut to size, sanded and cleaned. The dimensions of the table top are as follows: 80 x 40 x 4.5 cm 
  • Then the wooden plate was treated with the white wood stain according to the instructions for use. Normally it now takes about 6 hours to be able to treat the wood further. *
  • In the meantime I have painted the table legs white, the best way is with a spray paint. My table legs were originally untreated and raw steel, there are also white hairpin legs, but they were too expensive for me and since I always have white lacquer at home anyway, the decision was made to go without lacquer. 
  • As soon as everything is dry, the table legs were attached to the table top with the help of screws. On the one picture you can see some washers, which were necessary in our case because the wooden plate was not completely even. 

That was it!

Many of you also wanted to know what type of wood it is. Unfortunately I don't really know because we didn't buy them and Mike didn't ask. We were just happy to finally find the right wood for us! 

* As is well known, untreated wood darkens over time. To counter this, I treated the wood with the wood stain in white. Shortly after the treatment, the wood will of course appear a little lighter, but after painting, the wood will have the original color again. I came up with this method after thinking about how to prevent the wood from darkening. And I have to say that it has worked very well for us so far. But that's also a matter of taste, some like light wood, others prefer dark wood. I like both, but I prefer the light wood on this coffee table. 

Build DIY coffee table yourself

Build DIY coffee table yourself

Incidentally, this edge is completely natural and untreated. And I like this place best on this wooden plate!

By the way, here you can find the DIY instructions for our dining table . We also had to wait a long time for the right wood. But I can assure you that the long wait is really worth it.

Have a nice day and see you soon

Pau ♡