DIY Untersetzer aus Holz selber machen

Today there is again a nice and simple craft idea to imitate. Since I almost always use coasters at home, I also value their appearance. They should at least match the furnishing style and not be too colorful. And because there were still some wooden sticks left, I made them beautiful coasters. I like wood very much, especially when it looks old and weathered, like these chopsticks. That's why I think the DIY coasters made of wood are really great! 

Make DIY coasters from wood yourself

DIY coasters made of wood


  • Wooden sticks or driftwood
  • Wood drill
  • Jute cord about 50 cm long.
  • pencil
  • Woolen needle or scotch tape


DIY coasters made of wood

And this is how it is done:

  • First of all, you need through holes for the jute line. Mark two points (left and right) on the wooden stick with a pencil. 
  • Now you can drill holes with the wood drill. So that the wood does not tear too much, you can glue a strip of scotch tape to the point before drilling. 
  • When all holes have been drilled, the jute string can be pulled through. It is easier if you use the wool needle for this. If you don't have a woolen needle, just take a small strip of scotch tape and wrap it around the end of the jute cord, making it easier to push through. 
  • When all the wooden sticks are threaded, you tie a tight knot at the end, shorten the ends and that's it! 


DIY coasters made of wood

If the natural color of the wood is too boring for you, you can of course also paint the wooden sticks. I like the wood the way it is. 


DIY coasters made of wood

The hot glue would probably have gone a little faster. But I decided against it because I often use the coasters for hot drinks. And the hot glue becomes liquid again when warm / hot, so I didn't want to stick the wooden sticks. 


DIY coasters made of wood

And I have to say that I really like the coasters. They fit in perfectly with us and are also very practical. In addition, the material costs were really low. 

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I hope you also enjoyed this handicraft idea and hope you have a lot of fun doing it.

To you very soon,