DIY Ikea Ivar Hack

Today I am back with an Ikea hack . I will show you how you can transform Ivar cabinets in just a few minutes. As you may have seen, we are talking about the steel cabinets in white. Ivar cabinets are also made of solid wood, we also have one at home, but today it's all about the whites made of steel, which also offer a lot of storage space. 


What you need: 

  • Shelf 80 x 30 x 1.9 cm 
  • Double sided tape
  • scissors

This is how the DIY IKEA Ivar Hack project works: 

Lay the shelf down so that the bottom looks up. Cut two 30 cm strips from the tape roll. You stick the first strip of tape on the short side of the board and the second strip on the other side. Try to apply the tapes as close to the outer edge as possible. Peel off the protective tape on the tape and then place the board on top of the Ivar cabinet. Make sure that the edges are flush. Press briefly and that's about it. 


If you take a closer look at my boards, you will see that they are slightly gray. And that was exactly the reason why I chose them. Our new floor also has a gray undertone, which is why the shelves fit perfectly here. 

Of course, you decide which wood color best suits you / your home. The thickness of the board is also not decisive. I would just make sure that the color of the wood contrasts with the white cabinets. 


I am more than satisfied with the result. The Ivar cabinets now look a little more elegant. The surface no longer looks so bare. Metal often has the disadvantage that it can look cool. And I personally find it more difficult to decorate on surfaces made of light metal. Wood is and remains my favorite material. 

It was really easy to pry up the cupboards and this IKEA Hack project didn't really cost a lot of money. So a completely successful DIY project. And as always, I hope you enjoyed this DIY idea too. 


See you soon,