DIY Deko mit Kork – Einfache Bastelidee

Today I will contact you with a very fast DIY. I had the idea for the project,  DIY decoration with cork, for quite a while, but unfortunately I didn't get to realize this project earlier. Although it actually doesn't take that long to finish the homemade decorations with a cork board.

As always, I hope you enjoy this craft idea. Maybe you will also tinker with it, I would be very happy anyway. 

Make DIY decoration with cork yourself

DIY decoration with cork

What you need: 

DIY decoration with cork

That's how it works:

  • The objects to be glued must be clean, dry and free of grease so that the cork plate can adhere properly. 
  • Measure how big the cork plate has to be for the glass. It's best to use a tape measure for this.
  • Punch out the stars and put them aside. Then you glue the cork plate on the glass. 
  • Glue the remaining stars on the vase or flowerpot. That was it!

Instead of a candle, I used an LED string of lights because the glass is quite high. 

DIY decoration with cork

If you are like me and not enough candles and co. can have enough, then it's best to make several of the DIY lanterns. Maybe you can even give some away. What I also love about this DIY is that children can tinker with it. It is so easy and quick that the children can have fun with it. 


DIY decoration with cork

As you may know, I love to tinker with natural materials. I like decorations with a natural look best. That's why I particularly like this cork board material. It is totally easy to work with and also looks great. This year I have already made an advent calendar out of old glass. The mason jars were also glued with the cork plate and I'm more than happy with the result! Here you can see what the DIY glass advent calendar looks like .  

That’s it for today. I hope you had fun here and will be back soon. 

To you very soon,