DIY 3D Sterne selber machen

It was a little surprise for me that this manual will be ready this year. Those who have been following my blog for a while may also know that I have already linked an English-language guide for the stars in a previous post. Unfortunately the instructions were removed (no idea why) and many of you asked me how you can make the pretty stars yourself. And because you asked so nicely, I quickly finished the instructions.

I hope you are happy about it. 

DIY 3D stars

Before we start, I would like to say something very important. You can make the stars in different sizes. I have already made very small and big stars. However, the big stars are more difficult to make, but it is possible. You need a little more patience here, but it's really worth it. I think the big stars look beautiful. Oh yes, one more thing. If you want to make big stars, it is better to use thick paper. With thick paper, the stars stay in better shape later. 

But now it finally starts!

Make DIY 3D stars yourself

What you need for a star:

  • 2 square sheets  like this one  (by the way, my square is 15 x 15 cm) 
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • All-purpose glue, hot glue
  • pencil

That's how it works:

DIY 3D stars

  • Fold the paper diagonally from right to left. Open again, then fold diagonally from left to right. Open again, then fold in half. Open again, then fold in half again from the other side. 
  • Mark the middle of the (four) straight lines and cut with scissors to the mark.
  • Fold four triangles. 

DIY 3D stars

  • Coat one half of the triangle with glue, lay the other half over it and press together. Wait briefly until the glue is dry. You do the same with the rest of the triangles.
  • The first half of the star would then be done. The other half is done exactly the same way.
  • When you have both parts ready for the star, you have to cut out two circles that are about the same size as the opening of the star parts. 

DIY 3D stars

  • You then glue the circles on the paper so that you can no longer see the opening. 
  • Apply the glue in the middle and glue the two parts together.
  • If you want to hang up the stars, then you still need a string or a thread. 

That was it!

DIY 3D stars

DIY 3D stars

Actually not rocket science, but you have to have a little patience and sensitivity for this DIY project. But you will be rewarded with beautiful stars. 

Now a short note : In the original instructions, the two star parts were simply glued together. I found that rather difficult because there are not many points of contact. I hope you know what I mean. In any case, I thought that sticking together could work better if the entire surface was even. Therefore the two circles. And I have to say that it worked much better with this method. 

And another tip: Thick paper (like drawing paper) is unfortunately not so easy to fold, but the folded stars stay in better shape and do not hang limply in the air. When folding with thick paper, you have to be a little more careful, as the paper doesn't give way much and, in the worst case, could tear. 

My recommendation is: small stars, normal paper and big stars, thicker paper

DIY 3D stars

As you can see, you can make huge 3D stars with this method. The three black stars are from last year and still so beautiful! 

You can find even more  paper stars here

As always, I hope you enjoyed my instructions for the stars and I hope you enjoy crafting them.

To you very soon,