Anzeige – Einfache Ideen für DIY Tischkarten mit PILOT

Insane how time flies right? February is almost over again. And spring is just around the corner. Which of course I am really happy about and I am sure that you are doing the same. With the spring-like temperatures you can only be in a good mood. The sun is just good for you!

In keeping with the beautiful weather, I have a colorful DIY project today. I will show you how you can make super nice and happy place cards yourself. A good mood is guaranteed with these place cards! And best of all, you only need pens and place cards for this project. Not more! 

Simple ideas for DIY place cards with PILOT

Simple ideas for DIY place cards


Idea 1 - Red balloons with white polka dots

Simple ideas for DIY place cards

You need white place cards for this idea.  I painted the balloons with the  Frixion Colors (in red). The special thing about the pen is of course that you can easily erase the mistakes. I'm still a little bit fascinated that it actually works. 


Idea 2 - colorful balloons

Simple ideas for DIY place cards

For the second idea, I used  PILOT PINTOR  in different colors. I was allowed to work with the PINTOR pens last year and have been a big fan of them ever since They are super versatile and the color selection leaves nothing to be desired. The autumnal DIY project with   PILOT PINTOR you can watch talk to you like. 


Idea 3 - Colorful heart shaped balloons

Simple ideas for DIY place cards

Simple ideas for DIY place cards

The cool G-2 gel pens were used for this variant  They are also available in different colors. The pens have a great shimmer and I particularly like that! 


Idea 4 - white balloons with black dots

Simple ideas for DIY place cards

Maybe you already know that I really like the color combination of brown, black and white. That's why I particularly like the last idea. For this variant you need brown place cards, a white and a black pen. 

To write the names I first used the  FriXion Point  , here you can easily erase the mistakes. It's really super handy if you don't have a steady hand or if kids are helping with this DIY project. I used the drawing pen  for the final touch  . PILOT pens can of course be used to complete many other beautiful and creative projects. Here you can find more inspiring DIY instructions to imitate.   So have a look.  

I hope you enjoyed my ideas for DIY place cards in happy colors and hope you have a  lot of fun making them.

To you very soon,