Anzeige – DIY Wanddeko mit FlexLED

There is news from our kitchen again. We quickly painted the kitchen walls white again, put shelves around, etc. What we have done and what the whole kitchen looks like now, I will show you in a separate article. But what I want to show you today is the new coffee corner. I wanted to have such a corner for a long time. I love to drink coffee and find it totally practical when everything you need to prepare coffee can be found in one place. I also love collecting cups and my favorite cups are now in the coffee corner. But the real highlight in this corner is probably my latest project - DIY wall decoration with FlexLED .

Many individual DIY projects can be realized with the FlexLED strips, since the strips are super flexible. You can also shorten them at the marked points, which I think is great. 

DIY wall decoration with FlexLED

DIY wall decoration with FlexLED

What you need: 

That's how it works:

DIY wall decoration with FlexLED 6

  • I recommend that you first draw the outline of a cup on the wall with a pencil. 
  • If you are satisfied with the shape / cup, you can stick on the FlexLED strip. 
  • If the strip is too long, you can easily shorten it at the marked points. 
  • Now the LED strip only has to be connected properly. The cable and transformer are included. 


DIY wall decoration with FlexLED

This DIY wall decoration with FlexLED was ready after a few minutes and the result is just great! It can not get easier. I'm really excited about the FlexLED Strip. I think I'll do some DIYs with it. Especially in winter, I really like illuminated decorative objects!

I particularly like the included switch. With the switch you can gradually adjust the brightness, switch the strip on and off (the annoying cable plugging in and out is completely eliminated). There are also various atmospheric lighting effects. I just like it when you have different options available.


DIY wall decoration with FlexLED

DIY wall decoration with FlexLED

Of course, applying FlexLED strips works best on a smooth surface. My wall was not completely smooth, but it also worked well and the "cup" has been bombproof for a few days. You can also use a smooth base for this DIY if you don't want to stick the LED strip directly on the wall. 

On the  Paulmann Licht website there is more information about the FlexLED strips and other great lighting products. 

DIY wall decoration with FlexLED

Raffle with Paulmann Licht

The best comes last. With luck, one of you can win FlexLED strip !!!

And so you can participate:

  • leave a comment below this post and tell me what you would like to do with the FlexLED Strip. 

The competition ends on 09.09.2018 at 8 p.m. The winner will be randomly selected and then notified by email. More conditions of participation can be found here

I'm really happy about this competition and keep my fingers crossed for you all! 

As always, I hope you enjoyed the post and I hope you enjoy tinkering with it. 

To you very soon,


Many thanks to Paulmann Licht for the wonderful collaboration.