Anzeige – DIY tolle Weihnachtsgeschenke mit Radbag

If you have known me for a long time, then you probably also know that I really like sweet and unusual cups. Cups are definitely one of the things I use every day. Alone for my morning coffee, I need a cup and it tastes even better when it comes from a nice cup. Fortunately, I'm not that alone with my preference for cups. Thanks to Instagram, I know some girls who can't get enough of sweet cups either. 

DIY Christmas presents with a radbag

DIY Christmas presents with a radbag

DIY great Christmas gifts with a radbag

And since Christmas is almost at the door, today there is a little inspiration for DIY great and simple Christmas gifts for you. The main roles today are the mega cool cups from Radbag . Honestly, the first time I saw the cups, I knew immediately that I had to have them. In total I chose 3 cups. Two of them are enameled with cactus motifs and funny sayings on them. And the third cup is perfect for every morning person in the world (I have one at home).

In addition to the cool cups, there is a simple but totally delicious recipe suggestion for a hot chocolate with topping.  

What you need for a delicious hot chocolate with topping: 

  • 1 tablespoon of sugar
  • 2 tsp cocoa (meaning the real and unsweetened cocoa, not Kaba)
  • approx. 1 handful of marshmallow (by the way, less does it too) 
  • 1 tsp sugar pearls

I used small glass bottles with corks for the sugar, cocoa and sugar pearls. I personally find it nicer if the ingredients are individually packaged. I packed the marshmallow in an acrylic ball. You can reduce or increase the amount of marshmallow as desired. Just as you want. For the extra chocolate kick, you can add chopped or grated chocolate. The recipient then only needs 250 ml of warm milk for the hot chocolate and that's it.

DIY Christmas presents with a radbag

If you have someone who doesn't like hot chocolate, I have another tip for you. At Radbag there is a coffee with very cool packaging . I will also get it on occasion. I know some people who cannot wake up without a strong coffee. 

DIY Christmas presents with a radbag

At this point I tell you something about the cool  online shop Radbag, which specializes in original gifts for everyone . In the shop you will find funny, beautiful and individual gifts for every occasion. In addition to the great cups, there were also many other things that I really liked. I am sure that you will also find something suitable for your loved ones or maybe for yourself. So have a look there, it's worth it!

DIY Christmas presents with a radbag

As always, I hope that you enjoyed my contribution to the topic of DIY great and simple Christmas gifts and I wish you lots of fun with everything you are doing. 

To you very soon,


Many thanks to Radbag for the nice cooperation.