Anzeige – DIY Hakenleiste aus HPL Platten selber machen

Hook bars are currently very popular. You can see them everywhere. I am also a big fan of them because they are totally decorative and practical. I already have a wooden hook bar and still love it warmly and intimately. That's why I wanted another one for the dining room, in white. Most of the exemaplare you see is made of wood. In white I have not seen so often. You maybe?

For this DIY project I also used a (for me) new material - namely HPL boards but more on that a little later. Now I'm going to show you how to make a hook bar yourself. 


DIY hook strip made of HPL sheets


Make DIY hook strip from HPL boards yourself

What you need: 

(My hook bar has the following dimensions: 10 cm x 200 cm x 12 mm)


Make DIY hook strip yourself


That's how it works:

  1. First you have to mark the drill holes with a pencil. With my hook strip, the distance between the drill holes is 12.5 cm. 
  2. So that the material does not fray, you can stick scotch tape on the markings. Ideally also on the back. Then pre-drill with a smaller wood drill. 
  3. Now you take the wooden drill with the 10 mm diameter and carefully drill holes in the plate. 
  4. When you have finished drilling, you can remove the scotch tape. Then you can clean the surface. Fasten the hook strip to the wall with suitable dowels and screws.
  5. Shorten the log stick to the desired length. Mine are 5 cm long. If necessary, sand the cut edges smooth with sandpaper. That was it! 


Tip: Perhaps you have already seen that there are no screws on my hook strip. It is because the first as well as the last hole were not completely drilled through. These are through holes for the screws, so to speak. I hope you know what I mean. 


DIY hook strip made of HPL sheets


I am really super satisfied with the result. That's exactly how I imagined the hook bar!

Why HPL sheets?

As you may know, I love to try out new things and materials. I had never worked with HPL sheets before and of course I was really excited to see if everything went as I had imagined. And I have to say that this material convinced me. The processing of HPL boards is similar to that of hardwood. The HPL panels are very robust and weatherproof, making them ideal for outdoor use. They are also super easy to clean. Another plus point for me was that they are available in different colors. 


DIY hook strip made of HPL sheets

DIY hook strip made of HPL sheets


Meine HPL Platten habe ich beim bestellt. Dort gibt es ganz viel Auswahl an Kunststoffplatten, die man nach Maß bestellen kann. Nach der Bestellung dauerte es auch nicht lange, bis die bestellten Platten bei mir ankamen. Mit der Qualität der HPL Platten und dem Kundenservice bin ich wirklich total zufrieden. 

Bei findet ihr eine große Auswahl an Kunststoffplatten und hilfreiche Informationen zu den HPL Platten. Schaut mal vorbei, wenn ihr schöne und hochwertige Alternative zum Hartholz sucht. 


DIY hook strip made of HPL sheets


Ich hoffe, euch hat die Anleitung für DIY Hakenleiste aus HPL Platten gefallen und wünsche ganz viel Spass beim Basteln!

Bis ganz bald,



Vielen Dank an für die schöne Kooperation.